In a bustling world, it can be so difficult to focus on where your priorities lie other than the obvious list of to-dos like - finishing that essay or figuring out what to eat.


Self-care isn't the easiest to define and is most definitely not the easiest thing in the world to incorporate in your daily life - but it is crucial to your well-being. Self-care in the simplest sense is a routine made for you by you, so you can take care of yourself and even spoil yourself silly. So, go ahead and as Destiny Child says "Cater 2 U...rself." Yeah?

At Revenir, we believe self-care is made for everyone - from your lovely barista to your hardworking momma.

Though we all have our own busy schedules, struggles and ends to meet, self-care is a practice we all have yet to master. It is a priority we all make the mistake of procrastinating. It is a lifestyle and a necessary aspect of connection and life. Self-care is made for you.

We at Revenir believe, you can and should be your own muse. Self-care is a system, a routine, a process to first improve your well-being and practice self-love. 


It's important to connect with yourself, and learn how to love the skin you're in. Self-care is more than spoiling yourself to that once in a blue moon massage, or avocado face mask - it is about you, your needs, and whatever makes you feel like your best you. You go, Glen Coco!