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Nostalgia: A Funny Feeling

A poem - about reminiscing


Illustration: Jenine Marquez

Sometimes it overwhelms me how many songs there are in the world

So many melodies and harmonies to feel

So many stories to understand

But instead I decide to replay the Jonas Brothers’ “Burnin up”

And allow my body to groove in memorized movements of late night 4th grade sleepovers

Other times my head begins to spin when I realize how many books I haven’t read

So many lives to honor

So many character arcs to learn from

But instead I decide to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the 15th time

And whisper along with Hermione’s ferocity, sinking into the familiar world I fell in love with in 3rd grade

And when I feel too paralyzed to venture into the future

Nostalgia wraps her shawl around my shoulders

Pointing me towards a future that can add to my collection of happiest memories

Reminding me that Nick’s guitar riffs were once a foreign melody to me

And that Hogwarts was a nonexistent realm before I flipped to the first page

So today I plug in my headphones and find my “Nostalgia and Neverland” playlist

Laying down with my stack of Harry Potter books to keep me company

Realizing that sometimes, living in the past can make the mystery of the future

So much sweeter

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