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Rainy Day Agenda

What’s a broke college kid to do when the rain comes down? It’s hard not to get boredom headaches from all that screen time this time of year. Here are some unique rainy day activities that won’t cost a dime


Artist: Emma Dajska

1. Write a thoughtful text message.

Who doesn’t love an “I appreciate you” text? Send that classmate who helped you learn the material a thank you, or reach out to a relative who you’re often too distracted to call. It makes your heart happy and it makes their day.

2. Make a playlist.

You’ve been listening to “Old Town Road” on repeat for far too long. Spice things up with a new song selection! Create a list of your childhood favorites or something to motivate you on leg day at the gym. (Fun fact: We already have a playlist specifically for this. Take a pic of the code above in the Spotify search bar to get access!)

3. Alter your clothes.

Remember that old pink camp t-shirt from 2003? Neither does anyone else. Crop it, cut it, stitch it! Turn your too-tight tees into cute crop tops, or a pair of stained jeans into a new going-out skirt.

4. Make a masterpiece.

Adults should have mandatory art class, we need to destress just as much as the kindergarteners do! Whether it’s writing, painting, or macaroni art- get in touch with your creative side. Release that inner-Picasso.

5. Reorganize your space.

When was the last time you sported that Minnie Mouse purse? Donate it! Declutter your living space and feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. Your goodies will find a good home, and you can feel more comfortable in yours.

6. Play Chopped.

Dig into the back of your cabinets and find ingredients you haven’t seen in months. Combine a can of beans, frozen broccoli, and pudding cups to create a culinary sensation.

8. Take a nap.

You know you want to. Catch up on those lost hours and take a snooze. Falling asleep to rain is relaxing, and makes for some of the best naps.

9. Spa relaxation.

Treat yo self. Take a long shower, put on a face mask, and give yourself a manicure. Take the time to check in with your body and give it some much deserved TLC.

10. Make an appointment.

Get excited about a future activity. Maybe it’s a tattoo you’ve been wanting or a new hair color for the upcoming summer months. Make the call!

11. Learn something new.

I know I said no YouTube, but this is active! Search up a skill online or in a book and teach yourself a talent. Knitting, guitar playing, origami… the possibilities are tantalizing!

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