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Pink is the New Black

A rundown on the freshest fashions of Spring 2019


Photo courtesy of British Vogue

Finally, spring is here! And with it comes a wash of new trends, colors, and styles for you to bathe in as the balmy summer months approach. I know that you’re on the edge of your seat right now just dying to hear the news, so let’s dive right in.

Perhaps my favorite trend that graced the runways these Spring/Summer 2019 fashion weeks was the unmistakable return of vibrant color. Endless seas of cornflower blue, cheery yellow, and pastel green made their springtime debuts, but most importantly of all is the arrival of spring’s hottest shade: lush, eye-catching magenta.

From the runway to the red carpet, this color has been popping up EVERYWHERE, and I am definitely not complaining.

From left to right; Marc Jacobs, Emilia Wickstead, and Gabriela Hearst.

Photos courtesy of British Vogue.

I was never one for hot pink -- always vehemently refusing to purchase a single article of clothing in what I considered to be such an offensive hue. But magenta’s marvelous presence in the latest couture has convinced me to make a full 180 in my opinion. It now ranks very high in my list of favorite colors (alongside the reigning champion of pale baby blue), and I am currently jumping at the chance to add some of this lovely color to my otherwise pink-less wardrobe. It’s a color that packs a punch, and can be worn casually or elegantly.

Honorable mention of course goes to fresh pale green, for obvious reasons. You just can’t go wrong with this color.

No. 21, photo by Marcus Tondo/Indigital.TV

Another new trend that I quite adore is the steady departure from mainstream styles. Maybe we’re even on the way to ditching fast fashion for good? A girl can dream! And the latest outpouring of styles that are anything but normal are giving me butterflies. The amount of out-of-the-box styles that were present on the carpets at the 2019 Oscars and Grammys are quite a good example of this.

Here are a few of my favorites:

From left to right: Rachel Weisz in Givenchy Couture and Cartier jewelry/Vogueworld, Gemma Chan in Valentino Couture and Bulgari jewelry/Vogueworld, Chloe and Halley Bailey/Getty Images.

Take note from these celebs and stay far away from anything that screams PLAIN or BORING. Basically, the more creative you are when piecing together your wardrobe in the coming months, the better.

Before I set you free to do your spring shopping, there is one name that I must leave you with: Molly Goddard. This goddess from London is rapidly breaking through the ranks of the fashion world, and for good reason. Her designs are heavenly, yet retain a taste of the fruits of the earth all at once.

British Vogue + Max Farago photos

The former Central Saint Martins student expertly walks the line between frilly and fierce, proving that femininity in fashion can be a source of empowerment, not weakness. If you’re looking for somewhere to take inspiration from these days, her creations are just that. I mean, if Rihanna digs her, so should we, right?

Photo via Haus of Rihanna

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