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Must Watch Holiday Movies

A deep dive (extremely well organized) into the collection of holiday movies we all know and love to get you started on this holiday season! Take a look.


If you’re like me, you love holiday movies partly because they remind you of your childhood and partly because, even though you know how the movies are going to end, they still carry special, feel-good magic that’s hard to find anywhere else. So, without further ado, here are the holiday movies that I must watch every year. Hopefully, you’ll be able to add some of these to your list.

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For Pure Nostalgia:

- How the Grinch Stole Christmas: I don’t know about you...but I’m feeling 22! Ha just kidding. But, really, I don’t know if we’ve all lived the same elementary school experience, but every year in December, we’d have a holiday party in our classroom. Everyone would bring a treat. (My mom’s specialty was that big tin of popcorn with the assorted flavors.) Then, once all the kids were seated with their rations of treats, our teacher would wheel in a grey television strapped to a cart, push a VHS tape into the VCR, and an aerial shot of Whoville would appear on the screen. Simpler times.

- A Charlie Brown Christmas: This one will always have a special place in my heart. When I was little, my mom used to have to go on a business trip every December, so we would get up hella early to drive her to the airport, share a Cinnamon Bun at Cinnabon for breakfast, I would cry when it was time for us to leave the airport, then my dad and I would drive back home and we would watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” while drinking hot chocolate to cheer me up.

For Love:

- The Holiday Calendar: I’m not going to lie when I tell you, as a young adult figuring out my career, this film hit different. If you’re looking for a movie that reminds you of the power of believing in yourself, this is the movie for you. Oh, and there’s an adorable love story in there too.

- Same Time, Next Christmas: A beautiful, magical reminder to listen to your heart. What more can you ask for in a holiday love story?

- Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas: That “The Gift of the Magi” reference hit too hard. Such a beautiful story.

This Christmas: This movie highlights the love of family and it’s quite beautiful.

For the Comedy Seeker:

- Holiday in Handcuffs: If you’re looking for a good laugh this film is a must!

- Christmas with the Kranks: With almost every scene in this film being iconic, “Christmas with the Kranks” is a holiday classic in its own right.

TV Show Honorable Mention:

- Merry Happy Whatever: I watched the entire series in one sitting. Eight episodes, thirty minutes each. That’s only a four-hour binge!

For the New York Lover: So many classic holiday movies are set in New York City and it’s not hard to see why.

- Home Alone: You can watch the entire series if you want to, but, personally, the second installment is the best one.

- Eloise at the Plaza at Christmastime: This movie right here is one of my personal favorites. Can you believe I have yet to visit the Plaza Hotel!?

- Elf: ‘nuff said.

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For the Adventure-Seeker:

- The Polar Express: Growing up with strict parents, I knew the only reason I would ever sneak out in the middle of the night was if the Polar Express itself pulled up outside of my house.

- Prep & Landing: This is one quite adorable and very action-packed.

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For the One Who Wants to See Santa:

- The Santa Claus: The full series, in my humble opinion, is a must! Unlike many other film series, each movie in this series is equally amazing. So, if you have the time to sit down and binge them all, I’d highly recommend doing so.

- The Ultimate Christmas Present: If you have yet to see this gem, thank me later.

If you haven’t seen one of these movies, I hope you’re able to add it to your holiday movie marathon list this year.


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