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How to Focus on Finals

Phew! We all know during each school semester it can be hard to focus on one thing we’re doing. We are either going to a club meeting, studying for an exam, doing discussion posts, or catching up on a Netflix show. So in this ‘How-to’ we are going to focus on only focusing on one thing this time around the year; focusing on finals.


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Focusing on finals can be an anxious thing to do because you may not be feeling the most confident in your classes so your fellow REV staff member, Shakira Dancy, created this article explaining how she gets ready for finals so it can be easier for you to buckle down and focus on your finals. Where to go to for studying? Marston Science Library Basement: This study floor is what a scholar could ever dream of. This specific study floor is busy and full of hard working students during the evening hours of the day. The energy from this study room resonates within you and it’s great energy that influences you to study hard too. Library West Ground Library: This study floor is the opposites of Marston Science Library Basement. On this study floor there are desks on each side of the room that sit on the outside of the library. Also, this floor is set apart from the other mentioned study floors because it is so quiet on this floor you would hear a pencil drop. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium: If you’re one who like the outdoors then studying at the football stadium is the place for you. The view inside the stadium while studying could quite a view and inspiring. We recommend studying on the higher seats of the stadium to not be distracted from our fellow gators who like to workout here. Depot Park: This is another great spot to study for those outdoor lovers. This park has a breathtaking and beautiful view! When studying on the fresh cut green grass and under a nicely lit sky, a student can accomplish anything.

What helps us focus? Study Affirmations: It helps to have an initiator sense of confidence in your test taking abilities and your knowledge. So we like to affirm to ourselves before studying that we can do it and we will pass the exam.

Some affirmations we like to use are: "I can pass this exam. I must pass this exam. I will pass this exam." "I am a great student." "I can excel in this course. I must excel in this course. I will excel in this course." "All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come, and I am safe." Study Groups Some may find study groups beneficial for them and others may find study groups not beneficial. We however think study groups are crucial for final exams. Some students may know things that you may not do they could help you understand a topic that you could be having difficulty with.

Focusing on finals should not be something that we have to force ourselves to do. It should be something that we do because we want to and have to for our own well being. This ‘How to: Focus on Finals’ guide may or may not be beneficial for you so use it as you please.

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